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Conan Cursing on Television is Why 2010 Was a Good Year

2010 is in the books.* Congrats everyone. We did it! 365 days have come and gone! While we don’t yet know how 2010 will be remembered, we know it existed. And stuff happened (I’m really good at retrospectives).

But the point is Conan’s now on TBS and he has 2010 to thank for that. And Leno. And NBC’s ability to NBC. (When it comes to being NBC, they’ve really got the market cornered. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch NBC’s Friday Night Lights on Direct TV.)

But a month or so in, Conan on TBS looks to be a good move. It’s a return to form. A return to the looser vibe he had on his original show. But with a few minor differences – one of which is being on cable means being able to curse and not face major repercussions.

That is what happened last night during his interview with Airborne‘s Jack Black. Right before the two HAD A GUITAR-OFF. Yeah. Fast forward to 6:30 for the funny. Or don’t. It’s 2011.** We make our own decisions now.

*This was technically written on December 23, 2010, but we’ve all thrown in the towel at work this week, haven’t we? The year’s done.

**See first asterisk.

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