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Jon Stewart Makes ‘Star Wars’ Analogy, Confirms Himself as Everyone’s Best Friend

There are plenty of reasons to love Jon Stewart. But I'm gonna focus on one right now: his ability to make Star Wars jokes. Seriously. It's that nerdy and relatable part of his personality that gives you the impression that if you ever met him, you'd hit it off, and and immediately join the best friends club.
And he'd be the best kind of best friend, too. You know, because sometimes your best friend is really awesome, but there's a reason he/she's YOUR best friend and not someone else's. Like when you bring them to a party, you have to babysit them and make sure they're involved in conversations. Jon Stewart is not that type of best friend. Jon Stewart makes interesting small-talk with your other friends about and then later says stuff like “you were totally right about Phil. Complete one-upper.” And then you're all “I know! I hate Phil!” Because Phil sucks.
Anyway, where was I? Right. His comedy being so relatable and comfortable. That quality was on full display last night as the Daily Show returned from break with an extended, and completely unnecessary, Star Wars analogy in which Obama is compared to Luke Skywalker. ‘ The fact that it was unnecessary made it great. And all the more reason for Jon Stewart to continue being everyone's best friend.

Jon, if you're reading this, and obviously you are, I'd really like to see The King's Speech. I bet you love Colin Firth as much as I do, so I'll just go ahead and buy the tickets for the 7:30 showing at BAM. If I don't hear from you, I'll assume we're meeting at the theater. TTYL.

-Dan Abramson

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