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Stewart and Colbert Address Arizona Tragedy, Continue to be Good at Their Jobs

So just a head's up, neither of these pieces are particularly “funny.” Nor are they meant to be. It would be odd if both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert came out and did their normal shtick in wake of the tragedy that unfolded in Arizona this past weekend.
But they each showcase a comedian who excels at his job, even when not making jokes. They know they have a voice that's respected not only for its comedic merit, but its ability to let us look at our world and not want to go like

. That ability was on display last night as Stewart and Colbert took different, but effective, approaches to the recent Arizona shootings.
So yeah, this website is Funny or Die, and while there are a few jokes sprinkled in, they certainly take a backseat. But comedians excelling at being comedians — it'd be silly not to post that.


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