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Colbert Welcomes The Black Keys and Vampire Weekend for a “Sell-Out-Off”

Okay. Serious real-talks now out of the way, Colbert got back to ridiculousness on Tuesday night with a segment about the Grammys. It brought a few issues to light — mostly that the Grammys are still something that exists in the real world.

Colbert found himself stuck on who would get his vote for Best Alternative Album. By the way, he actually is a voting member of the NARAS since he took home a Grammy last year — while this is very awesome, it sort of further proves the point that the Grammys are a fake thing. But I digress. To decide who would be victorious – The Black Keys or Vampire Weekend – he invited the bands to battle in a “sell-out-off.”

And if there’s anything Colbert likes, it’s corporate shilling. And street fights. He seems to like street fights.

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