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OH MY GOD. If James Franco doesn't win the Academy Award for this I don't know who should. He carries the whole movie. He's better than Marlon Brando. You're on the edge of your seat even though you know the story. It's about a hiker/cave jumper who goes out into the desert. This is just what he does. He doesn't tell anyone where he's going and while he's climbing, his arm gets stuck on a rock.
Then you watch what this poor guy had to go through. The only way to get out was to cut his arm off. I had to hide my head because I couldn't watch after the first cut where he hits bone. That was enough for me. He has a stupid knife that his mother bought him – which he talks about being cheap, but he didn't want to make her feel bad. He needs a sharp knife because this is basically surgery. ‘
He was so into cave climbing that he knew about milliliters and how much water would last him. His lips were so parched. He had no food and no light. There were giant bugs and ants. What are ants doing in the canyon? There's nothing there!
This confirms why I never want to go rock climbing. You should go with a group. And only go where cell phones are working. I wonder if there are more people stuck in canyons somewhere.
Best thing was – his mother calls before he leaves and he was too busy to pick up. When he's stuck he says, “I wish I would have answered every phone call from you ever”. So listen to that, always pick up for your mom.
James Franco is usually in comedies: Hangover type movies. This was a switch for him. And he was on General Hospital. His name is Franco on the soap. He disappears on GH so I guess he went to make this movie.
I give it 5 stars.
Fabulous movie. Never go anywhere without telling people where you're going.

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