By: Guinevere Turner

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The Decadent Vegetarian with Jane Lynch & Guinevere Turner

I would like this to be a show on television. Thanks to my pal Jane L for being my first ever guest. I would like my next guests to be some outspoken vegetarians like Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, Steve Martin, Ricki Lake, Lindsay Wagner or Dustin Hoffman.

Starring: Guinevere Turner as herself
Co-Starring: Seth Margolin as the voice or Charlie
Special Guest Star: Jane Lynch
Director of Photography: Patti Lee
Assistant Director: Meghan Burchfield
Food Stylist: Susan Kucera
Production Designers: Jodi Jaecks & Alicia Berger
Gaffer: Jennifer Arnold
Assistant Camera: Teena Garcia
Sound Mixer/ Boom Operator: Mike Jarzabek
Electric: Jongo
Production Assistants: Kristen Selph, Josh Blacker, & Tom Pinchuk
Makeup: Alyssa Morgan
Hair: Rachel Rodriguez
Craft Services: Meghan Hounshell
Editor: Alicia Berger
Sound: Matt Reale Widget Post Production
Logo Artwork: Annalee Lanier & Andy McKeagen
Special Thanks to: Krista Hartling, Seth Margolin, Courtney Wilson, Anne-Marie Slack & Alison Kelly
Shot on location in Los Angeles at the home of Andrea Bricco

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