By: Michael Cera

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Bromance w/ Michael Cera, Tony Danza & Martin Starr

A bromance is definitely developing between Tony Danza, Michael Cera and Martin Starr after a few hours of hanging out. These three have now become inseparable and today they stop by the Gallery 1988/Funny Or Die “Is This Thing On” comedy art exhibit to see the wonderful pieces that were put up and even some of the more risky pieces of work.

Starring: Michael Cera, Tony Danza, Martin Starr and Nick Kroll.
Directed by Justin Donaldson
Written by Jensen Karp
Director of Photography – Brian Lane
Gaffer- Tony Lopez-Cepero
Sound by BoTown Sound/Steven Pallow
Production Assistant – Liam White
Edited by Justin Donaldson
Produced by Sean Boyle and Jensen Karp
Executive Producer- Mike Farah
Script Consultant- BJ Porter
Special Thanks- Paul Scheer

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