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One More Reason to Watch “Parks and Recreation”

The Internet's been filled with the stars of Parks and Recreation promoting the show, which premieres tonight on the television set. Perhaps you saw

. Perhaps you saw Amy Poehler's

(that has to be some sort of promotion — that's a bit too coincidental that those popped up today).
Whatever, let's add this still from the bag of reasons to watch this extremely funny show. It's a shot from the episode “Ron and Tammy” from Season 2, when Leslie visits the office of evil-librarian Tammy. Take a look at those books in the background, divided into “approved” and “rejected.” Bonus jokes!

Some of the ones we could make out:

From the “Approved” Section:
Sperm Suicide
Woman War III
Man Putty

From the “Rejected” Section:
Power in Your Pants

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