By: Dan Abramson

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8 Completely True Facts About Hippos

Hippos can live up to 120 years in the wild; up to 836 in captivity. 
A hippo can hold its breath underwater for 19 days.
The average Hippo has a head and body length of 3 to 4 feet and weighs close to 300 tons. 
A hippo's skin is bulletproof. It can, however, be removed with a zipper located underneath the torso of the animal. If you plan on shooting a hippo, your best bet is seducing it first. 
In the year 1922, the state of Texas made it legal for hippos to attend high school prom. The groundbreaking move was abandoned after students were trampled when the band refused to play four consecutive slow songs. The tragic accident occurred at 84 different schools. 
Hippos live in western, central, east, southern parts of Africa, and a gated community in Glenview, IL.
The film Top Gun is actually based on Tom Cruise's time spent in Glenview, IL. 
94% of all human beings have seen a hippopotamus in the wild. 6% claim to have, but they are liars. 

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