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“The Daily Show” With Justin Bieber

Much to the surprise of pretty much every person in the world, Justin Bieber opened The Daily Show in place of Jon Stewart last night because of, um..sure, why not*?
It was not surprising because Bieber was able to handle the comedy (

), but because if you watched this and said “I was in no way shocked that this was happening,” you'd then follow that up with “Oh, I'm a big-time liar.”
Anyway, so how'd it go??? While it was pretty jarring to see the show open with Bieber flipping that pen (for a few seconds, I was completely confident that this was actually some fancy editing on the Daily Show's part and Bieber's head had been super-imposed on Stewart's body), it was also pretty funny! ‘

Not bad, right? Though, like all attempts at the body-switching genre in the recent past, NMJR (Needs More Judge Reinhold). But still, funny!

*I don’t care if this was actually just a promotion for Bieber’s movie
Never Say Never.
We live in a day where everything is essentially promotion for everything. TV shows are selling ads, Bill Murray’s selling awesomeness, etc. I wouldn’t be shocked if Charlie Sheen’s recent antics are actually part of an underground marketing strategy to sell more
Major League 2
DVDs. And if that’s the case, it seems pretty superfluous. Those DVDs sell themselves.

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