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The Starters of the 2011 Puppy Bowl

Key Stat: Once ate an entire turkey sandwich while her owner got up to get an extra napkin. So we know she's hungry. 
Key Stat: Is known to break out of his crate the moment his owner leaves the room. You should see him break tackles.
Key Stat: Never blinks. Thus, reads the defense every time. 
Key Stat: Roughs up other pups at the dog park. And that's just preseason. 
Key Stat: Will sack the other team's quarterback on any given play. That
is, assuming that the other team's quarterback looks like his own tail.
Key Stat: Is known to dunk his entire head in his water bowl and look up like nothing weird happened at all.
Key Stat: Takes no prisoners. But does take extra treats.
Key Stat: Can demand to go for a walk and then not pee at all. SHE PLAYS WITH OUR MINDS.
Key Stat: Does everything that Big Red does, but on a much cuter scale.
Key stat: Once let a man pet her for eight straight hours. Anyone who
knows anything knows that endurance is a virtue at the Puppy Bowl.
Key Stat: Has been credited as the…oh who am I kidding? Look at this guy. He's the MVP of our hearts.
Key Stat: Can hear a noise off in the distance and then proceed to stare in that direction for up to twenty minutes. Nothing gets past Max.
Key Stat: Is everybody's best friend. Not just man's. Obviously a team player, with the intangibles puppy coaches love.

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