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New Wayne’s World on SNL This Weekend! We Repeat: NEW WAYNE’S WORLD.

So umm ‘Wayne's World? OH YES. WAYNE'S WORLD. Dana Carvey hosted SNL in what was clearly an episode meant for people who are aware of the genius that is Dana Carvey. And in that regard, the episode went over like gangbusters. They could've ended it after this cold open, and I'm pretty sure everyone would've been like “great work everyone, see you next week.” Anyway, here it is.

So that was fun! And weirdly emotional, since they used Phil Hartman's pre-recorded intro. ‘ As morbid as that may have been, I kind of loved it. The 1992 version of myself just went nuts and is currently going around saying things like “This guy blows goats” and “Hi, I'm in Delaware.”
And while yes, the decision for Carvey to host SNL this weekend may have seemed like an odd choice, but let us not forget the

a few weeks ago:

So 1997 is a few year's off. But still. I'm currently crossing fingers in hopes of a return of The Single Guy.

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