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If you know what this movie was about, please call me. I know they were dreaming. How they all fell asleep at the same time and got into each other's dreams, I have no idea. I'd have to watch this movie at least a dozen more times to try and understand, which I have no intention of doing.
They were working for maybe the CIA or some secretive organization, I think. They were able to control people's dreams. I honestly do not know how. The only way to understand what the hell is going on is that you would have to be stoned. They must have written that movie under a hallucinogenic drug because it just doesn't make sense in the normal world. Maybe I'll get high on some…whatever…and watch it again. Then I can be like, “Yeah man, that was really good.”
(Editor's note: the prior quote is said in mom's version of a stoner voice)
There was no purpose to the movie. Was his wife real? Why did she kill herself? Who were the men? Did Juno need to be there? Where was the van going? What bridge was that? How long does it take to fall down? And the snow? What? I really want someone who knows what happened to watch it with me.
There was good cinematography and good eye candy: Leo. Worth it just to see him. I could stare at him for 3 hours. And I guess I did!
I don't know what else to tell you.
Rating: Waste of 3 hours. 2 stars.
It seemed like an LSD trip, not that I know what that is really like.

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