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When the movie started they were showing fights and I thought, “Oh no – I hate to watch fights.” ‘ By the end, I was standing up screaming! I can't imagine people sitting still in their seats watching this. It is really gory, but it's fantastic.
It's the story of Christian Bale who was a big time fighter. He's the older brother to Marky Mark, who is still gorgeous. It's now Marky Mark's turn to be in the big leagues. Bale is a crack addict loser and is always in trouble. Then he goes to jail and decides to turn his life around. He gets a whole set of teeth in jail. Do taxes pay for prisoners teeth? At the end for the big fight, Bale has his game back and he's the trainer. It looked like Marky Mark was gonna get his ass kicked. I was screaming.
I thought kidney punches weren't allowed, but that's what they were doing so I'm yelling, “Hit him in the kidney!!” It's a feel good movie. It's a lot better than Rocky.
Amy Adams is fabulous. She plays Charlene. She's got the accent down. She's like a real rough tough girl. His mother is like his manager and there are 7 other women who are always in the back ground. Who were they? I didn't know until the end. They were his sisters. One's name was Beaver and Bloody Mary. Real names? They're such bitches and so mean to Amy Adams and she breaks one of their noses. I cheered.
Who's up for best actor? Marky Mark was good, but Bale was 100% better. He's my second choice after James Franco for best actor. I heard he wasn't a nice guy to work with from Batman, but maybe he cleaned his act up. He lost 30 pounds for this. When they showed the people at the end, he looked just like the guy. Talk about a method actor.
5 stars
I always say come out with good movies at the end of the year. A good movie in January gets you nothing. So don't expect any awards for that Justin Bieber movie.

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