By: Joe Jonas

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A Joe Jonas Valentine

Joe Jonas singing to your girlfriend is probably the best Valentine's Day gift you can get for her but you might be surprised by her reaction.

Starring: Joe Jonas
Also Featuring: Anthony Gioe & Marisa Pinson
With: Renie Rivas, Roger Barr, Jen Kreuger, Brandon Econ & Jared Rosenberg
Written and Directed by Alex Fernie
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by Anna Wenger
DP: Ricky Fosheim
1st AC: Alan Gwizdowski
Gaffer: Kevin Stewart
Electric: Jordan Downey
Grip: Tom Pena
Grip Truck: Ben Burke
Production Assistant/ Camera Equipment: Max Elfeldt
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
Hair/ Make-up: Carla Farra
Production Designer: Martin Vallejo
Editor: Ryan Ovadia

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