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TLC is Now Searching for Never Nudes (Despite Never Nudes Being Fake)

Okay, first off, we know that TLC no longer has anything to do with anything remotely respectable. There is no learning happening on that channel or any of the channels near it. No sir or ma'am. But now they've reached new highs in ridiculousness, as the network put out an ad on Craigslist looking for “Never Nudes” for their show My Strange Addiction.* If you remember, never nudes are a fake thing from a TV show. A widely respected, but little-watched TV show.
But we wish them well on their search. Hopefully, they can find someone who needs help effectively hiding their thunder.

Come to think of it, this changes nothing in regard to my respect-level for TLC.

*Considering the program this will be for, this actually is not so far fetched. See screenshot from said program below:

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