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Good Charlotte “Last Night” at Double Dare

Marc Summers and Harvey join Good Charlotte for a brand new episode of 'Family Double Dare' so they can all take the physical challenge together.

Starring Good Charlotte (Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Paul Thomas & Dean Butterworth) & Marc Summers
Also featuring: Corey Kotler, Jennifer Flack, Zach Rice, Cole Bernstein, Helen Harlan, Mikey Jasorka, Raven Servellon, Ryan Stanger, Scott Gairdner, Eric Pade & Perry Smith
Directed by Josh Martin & Ryan McNeely
DP: Ryan McNeely
Producer: Dal Wolf
Prod. Manager: Jacob Geller
1st AD: Genghis Jorgenson
2nd AD: Matt Mazany
A-Cam: Andrew Davis
A-Cam 1st AC: Cary Gallagher
B-Cam: Jeff Dolen
B-Cam 1st AC: Nito Serna
Jib Op: Scott Acosta
Jib 1st AC: Candice Higgins
2nd AC: Jordan Martin
DIT: Dan Moses
Designer/Compositor: John Cranston
Gaffer: Trevor Crist
Best Boy Electric: Vong Chea
Electric: Eric Ulbrich
Key Grip: Jason Webster
Best Boy Grip: Mike Kerr
Grip: Sergio Silva
Prod Designer: Aaron Johnson
Art Director: Flower Cole
Decorator: Laura Harper
Swing: Frank Camara
Construction Coord.: Lupe Sanchez
Lead Carpenter: Oscar Aguillar
Carpenter: Mike Silvestri
Carpenter: Omar Aguillar
Lead Painter: Dennis Ovalle
Driver: Juan Sanchez
Special Effect Braces: Chris Mills
Art PA: Mario Solorio
Art PA: Mike McAlister
Sound: BoTown Sound
Sound Mixer: Steve Pallow
Playback: Michael Wolin
Wardrobe Stylist: Janicza Bravo
Wardrobe Asst: Laurel Pochucha
Hair Stylist: Timon Cana Neiditch
Hair Stylist Asst.: Nazy Nikbakht
Hair Stylist Asst.: Nicole Laxmeter
Make-Up: Kat Bardot
Make-Up Asst.: Erin Nichols
Make-Up Asst.: Alyssa Morgan
Make-Up Asst.: Jenna Keller
Set Teacher: Amy Lavker
Truck PA: Paul Heinkens
PA: Andrew Grissom
PA: Luis Sanchez
PA: Alistair Walford
PA: Katie Wiegers
PA: Becca Scheuer

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