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I don't understand how Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for having a southern accent in the Blind Side when Hillary Swank had a better Massachusetts accent and she was a better actress in Conviction, but she wasn't even nominated. I don't care if Sandra is America's sweetheart – I'm not saying I hate her – but Conviction got lost and it's not fair. It was “lost in conviction” – what's that saying?
Whoever wrote Conviction or the producers of the movie or the advertisers from the studio did a shitty job telling people about the movie. I never heard of it and it was GOOD! They should tell people when they have good movies instead of always talking about the bad ones. Inception was everywhere and who knows what went on in that?
Hillary Swank is incredible in it. She cries, she's so into her part and so believable. Edward Norton was good too.
Editor's note: I told mom that Edward Norton is not in this movie. After some insisting, she gave in, telling me: “Ohhhhh. You know what? I watched this other stupid movie with Ed Norton and Robert Duvall. I mean, Deniro. You're right. Sam Rockwell is in this. He's great.”
Juliette Lewis is wow. You have to see what happens to her teeth in this movie. Her teeth are a disaster.
Clea Duvall is wonderful. She's a winner.
4 out of 5 STARS!
I liked this a lot. It's very good. Also, you're so happy at the end which I prefer.

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