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Ugh, boooooorrrriiinnnnngggg. I almost fell asleep. What a boring role! He had a stutter, so what? What was so great about the acting? I could put marbles in my mouth too. D-d-d-d-da-da-duh…see. See? I stuttered. I'll take an Oscar now, thank you.
Colon Ferrell? Colin Ferrell? What's his name? Colin Firth? He won best actor but I think James Franco should have won. He carried that whole 127 hours movie. He had to cut his arm off!!!! He's coming back to General Hospital. He's so good on it. His character's name is Franco. He's so good, they couldn't even give him a new name, that had to give him his own.
I don't care what people say about him hosting the Oscars. I think he was bored. If he had a choice he would have said, “Screw this” and walked away.
All of the acting in the King's Speech was so what. Helena Bonham Carter was nominated too. What the heck for? She didn't do anything. Supporting actress. Who was she supporting? Jeffrey Rush was good, but not as good as Christian Bale.
I think that if you make an English movie it should be at the English Academy Awards. Every country should have their own awards show and then all the good movies can be nominated.
I give this
2 out of 5 stars
I could never sit through that again. It just wasn't that good.

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