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30 Pictures where the main focus is upstaged by other activity

I was supposed to appear on a prominent talk show to discuss birth control, but I pulled out at the last second.

So, I decided to create this slideshow instead.

There are times in life when the focus of a photograph should have been directed elsewhere. Any photo of Snooki instantly comes to mind as an example, excluding, of course, that time that dude punched her square in her spray tanned Oompa – Loompaish face.

I could watch that on a 24 hour looped channel for months on end.

But the age old art of photobombing is now a time honoured tradition, much like whacking off in paddocks during electrical storms with a woollen sock over your junk to try and obtain electrical superpowers. Often, the best aspect of a photo is entirely inadvertent, or at least not meant to appear as the centrepiece.

What follows is a compilation of the finest examples of photobombing that I was able to rustle up between trying to freeze my farts to see if I could make poop crystals.


Enjoy this visual muffinload of dogwank… Or don't. Go and play with Cancer for all I care. You'??ll only end up doing whatever you want to anyway. You always do. Why don't you go and tell Bruce Springsteen to get a new nickname, since you're already 'The Boss'. Go on. Do it.

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