By: Christopher Titus

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The Facility with Christopher Titus

Animal cruelty is a very serious thing and Sarah McLachlan made it a point to speak out on behalf of the animals, but now Christopher Titus is here to speak out on behalf of children. Make the show with Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, and Christopher TItus. Go to for info. Laugh your ass off, save the world.

Starring Christopher Titus
D.P: Geoff Goodloe
Writer : Christopher Titus
Gaffer : Nick Oberlander
Camera Assistant : Josh Maas
Editor : Ace Underhill
Sound : Jonathon Irons
Producer : Zack Ward
Actors : Christopher Titus, Rachel Bradley, Jarrod Harris, and Tommy Primo
Kids: Blake, Kennie, Max, Jett, Aiden, Ruby, Olivia, and Amy

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