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Tom Hanks: “I’ve Never Met a Human Being Who Didn’t Like Me”


When it comes to likable actors, there's everyone and there's Tom Hanks. We were lucky enough to sit down with star of films such as Joe Versus the Volcano, That Thing You Do, the film adaptation of Bosom Buddies (hopefully), to get his thoughts on his universal appeal.
The Hollywood Ham: Tom, really appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us. I just wanted to say “thanks.” Or I could say T-Hanks? Get it? Like your name?

Tom Hanks: Yes. Yes I do. ‘

HH: You're so lovely. That's what's great about you. Do you get that a lot? People telling you you're great?

T-Hanks: Well, I have a pretty good track record of being great. I can honestly say I've never met a human being who didn't like me. ‘

HH: How many people have you met?

T-Hanks: 101,629. Give or take a few. There were a lot of extras on Saving Private Ryan. ‘

HH: My uncle Henry doesn't like you. ‘

T-Hanks: I've never met him, so I think my record holds up. ‘

HH: Who's the person you were the most surprised to find out was your fan?

T-Hanks: Oh, there was this guy I met once in Santa Fe, who I swore was gonna hate me. ‘

HH: How come?

T-Hanks: I held a gun to his head after making him watch me sleep with his wife. You know what his last words were?

HH: What?

T-Hanks: I loved you in Big. ‘

HH: It's a classic. ‘

T-Hanks: I know! ‘

HH: So what'd you do?

T-Hanks: I shot him and went to his funeral. ‘

HH: How'd that go?

T-Hanks: Gave the eulogy.

HH: And his family?

T-Hanks: Loved me.

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