By: Tommy Lee

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Bestie’s Night

What happens when the newest Ark Music Factory video, “Bestie's Night,” gets a little out of hand? I don't know, maybe you should ask Tommy Lee.

Starring Melissa Stephens, Tommy Lee, Jensen Karp and Martin Starr
Featuring Meghan Rother, Danielle Morrow, Amy Rosoff, Alana Gospodnetich, Leah Sprecher and Josh Fadem
Directed by Ben Pluimer
Written by Melissa Stephens and Jensen Karp
Produced by Alexandra Lambrinidis
Producers – Jensen Karp & Melissa Stephens
Edited by Christian Kinnard
Song written by Jensen Karp, Martin Starr, Melissa Stephens and Keith Varon
Song performed by MollzD, Jensen Karp, Martin Starr and Keith Varon
Song produced by Jordan McGraw, Justin Siegel and Keith Varon
Director of Photography – Mike Manaschevitz
1st Assistant Director – Cody Statz
Production Designer – Brenan Campbell
Costume Designer – Maggie Kaiser
Key Make-up & Hair – Kat Bardot
Additional Sound Design – Bob Partridge
1st AC – Max Hurwitz
Gaffer – Raul Fernandez
Key Grip – Adam Goral
Key Set PA – Andrew Grissom
PAs – Matthew Egan & Heather Stoffels
Announcer – Tony Cavalero
Party Goers – Misha, Todd Nagel, Misty Monroe, Loni Anne, Jim Klimek, Matt Birthday, Ernest Waddel, Jackie Li
Special thanks to Jordan Katz and Rick Canny
Also special thanks to Loni Anne and her roommates for letting us trash, er, I mean, film in their home.

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