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Herman Dune “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

A young runaway yeti embarks on an adventure into the human world and along the way, makes an unexpected friend in Jon Hamm. Herman Dune's new music video for “Tell Me Something I Don't Know,” directed by Toben Seymour.

Music by: Herman Dune
Director: Toben Seymour
Original Concept and Story by Yaya Herman Dune and Toben Seymour
Original yeti and Baby Blue designs by Yaya Herman Dune
Storyboards by: Yaya Herman Dune
Production Company: Funny or Die, Seymour Pictures, RSA / Little Minx
Starring: Jon Hamm, Paul McGinnis (Yeti puppeteer)
Also featuring: Lincoln Williams, Michael Puig and Jenna Friedman
Producer: Jason Tobias and Toben Seymour
Funny or Die Producers: Allison Hord & Betsy Koch
Puppet Build: Furry Puppet Studios
Cinematography: Ross Riege
Editor: Logan Hefflefinger, Toben Seymour and Arianna Tomasittig
Colorist: Marshall Plante (Ntropic)
Sound Design: TK Broderick
Post Effects: Jason Tobias
Assistant Director: Nathan Lackie
Production designer: Caroline Karlen
Assistant production designer: Carrie Hunt
Hair and make-up: Jessica Hale
Styling: Janicza Bravo
Production Manager: Beth Chatelain
Jon ‘s Personal Assistant: Roxie Rodriguez
Wardrobe for Jon Hamm: button down and t-shirt courtesy of SaveKhaki, jacket courtesy of FILSON, and jeans courtesy of LEVIS
Lighting Design: David Crumley, Matt Camden, Vu Le, Travis Benn & Gideon de Villiers
Sound: Ethan Frederick Greene
Puppet Assistant / Wrangler: Kevin J Betz & Ilana Marks
PA ‘s: Fabian Valdez, Selen Flores, Edward Wittlif, Timothy Edwards and Hammad Rizvi
Locations: R&E Barton Farm & Austin Enchanted Forest
Special Thanks to: Yvonne Puig, Mayon Hanania, Craig Thibaudeau, Cale Thibaudeau, Jeff Williams, Vanessa Williams, Jeremy Seymour, Seymour Family, Jill Hammer, Kim Dellara, Adam Lane, Geraldine Noel, Pierre Ly Ny, Doudou ‘
More information about Herman Dune:
Herman Dune, the band, is evolving around the songs of David-Ivar Herman Dune, a Swedish born Parisian and the drumming of Cosmic N ‘man (Of Herman Dune and Zombie Zombie).
Since their first 45s and since BBC1 DJ John Peel picked them as one of his favorite regular guests and spins (more than 10 Peel Sessions). Since Giant 5 years ago, they have toured intensively on both sides of the Atlantic, headlining The Olympia in Paris, or The Scala in London, or headlining packed Club-Sized tours in the USA and in Canada. They also have joined bill with bands and friends among which Jolie Holland, Kimya Dawson or The Arcade Fire.
They recorded Their New Album ‘Strange Moosic ‘ in Portland Oregon with Adam Selzer at Type Foundry Studios (M.Ward, She & Him, The Dodos). The video of the first single ‘Tell me something I don ‘t know ‘ has been directed by Toben Seymour featuring a young run-away yeti.
iTunes link to purchase Herman Dune ‘s music:

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