By: Funny Or Die

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In the future there will be a lot of shows like Cheaters, but at least this one has a surpise guest appearance and a twist ending that doesn't involve someone caught having sex with someone on camera!

Jimmy Grieco: Chris Cantwell
Johnny Gucco: Clint Gage
Jamie Glasco: Matt Wyatt
J.D. Gelco: Matt Moore
Jondelle: Hesley Harps
Varnell: Nick Mundy
DeLandrique: Erin Pade
Tailon: Michael Truly
Fedicia: Joy Nash
F*ckarounders Producer: Perry Smith
Hance Christensen: Scott Gairdner
Nicky: Andrew Grissom
J.D. Gelco Decoy: Molly Orr
Joey Greco: Himself
Writer / Director / Editor: Scott Gairdner
Producer: Josh Martin
Production Manager: Jacob Gellar
AD: Matt Mazany
2nd AD: Andrew Grissom
Director of Photography: James Codeglia
Camera Operators: Dave Codeglia, Ian Skalski, Chris Champeau, Jordan Martin
2nd Unit DP / Gaffer: Brian Lane
2nd AC: Jordan Martin, Alistair Walford
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
Makeup: Kat Bardot
Wardrobe: Janelle Marsh
PA: Eric Norwine
Fake Crew: Dal Wolf, Mike McAlister, Eric Norwine, Will Beckstein, Brandon Knapp, Neil Dave, Chris Singel, Paula D'Andrea, Casey Lauer, Josh Martin, Evan Deery, Matt Mazany, Antonia Loverso, Mike Rapuano, Mike Rikowski
Graphics: Scott Gairdner
VFX: Chris Champeau

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