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Stewart and Colbert Go To Town On Bin Laden’s Death

The “Osama Bin Laden Jokefest” came to a close Monday night, as the the late-night shows had their turns. And while each had some solid gags (even the Friends reruns somehow included some zingers. “Could he be any more dead?”), let’s focus on these two: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

There’s something extremely satisfying watching these two revel in the news. The fact that their jobs require them, on a nightly basis, to come out and make us laugh by delivering news regarding how effed our country can be, makes this all the more fantastic. The looks on their faces. The smiles as they deliver the jokes. The rock hard boners they literally gave America. They earned it. Have a good time, guys.

And in case you wanted to see all the mockups from The Daily Show, the blog In Other News has compiled them all in one convenient image:


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