By: Fliptoppers

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Hooper vs. The Gator

In our first sketch shot at Cosmic Toast Studios in Burbank, Hooper is unable to escape the persistent alligator that will do whatever it takes to get him! We hope you enjoy this sketch! And click 'Funny' 🙂 Find more of our sketches at

Written by John & Keith
Based on an original sketch by Keith
Directed by John
Assistant Directed by Kenny
Camera by Kenny
Sound by Cosmic Toast Studios
Lighting by Kenny, Art and Michelle
Director of Photography by Kenny
Animations by Art
Background design by Art
Gator and Space Gator designed by Michelle
Edited by Art
Hooper performed by John
Farfalle performed by Keith
Chunk performed by Art
Gator as himself
Puppet Assists by Art and Russ

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