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Jon Stewart Defends Common, Raps, and Rips Fox News Like Only He Can

So many things to like about these clips. I won't spoil any of the gold, so let me just give you a heads up for what to expect:
1. Jokes
2. Hahas
3. One of the better takedowns of Fox News Jon Stewart has done in quite some time
4. Chucklebuckets
5. Probably the best summation of Common I've ever heard
6. Yuk yuks
7. Jon Stewart rapping.
8. Yes. Rapping.
9. Seriously, it's not bad. Usually when middle-aged white people try to rap, even when done as a joke, it's not good for anybody. Somebody usually gets hurt in the process (often it's the listener and/or humanity in general). ‘ But somehow this works? I guess it's not surprising. He does have that metronome as his DJ.

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