By: Rampage Jackson

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Rampage Jackson is the World’s Worst Bodyguard

Rampage Jackson may know how to fight when it comes to the UFC but it's pretty clear that he would be the worst bodyguard in the world.

Starring Rampage Jackson as Turbo
Featuring Eugene Cordero, Eli Newell, Lyle Fredrichs, Liam White, Andrew Furtado, Matt Lewis, Julia Bellows and Rebecca Zamolo
Director: Alex Fernie
Producer: Anna Wenger
Co-Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
Director of Photography: Kris Carrillo
Coordinator: Liam White
PA: Matt Lewis
Camera Operator: Jordan Lee
Gaffer: Chris Frielich
Key Grip: Will Barker
Sound Recordist: Bo Town Sound
Production Designer: Ellie Del Campo
Key Make Up: Laura Peyer
Editor: Dustin Bowser, Paul Bartunek

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