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The 6 Most “Artistic” Shots From Kanye West’s New Music Video

Kanye West has released his latest music video, “Monster,” and oh boy is it a doozy. (Watch here if you’re not at work/near anyone who might respect you and your viewing habits.) Naked dead women hang from the ceilings, Nicki Minaj tortures herself and so on and so forth. Whoa whoa, settle down, dead women’s rights groups. This is art.

Seriously. Just check the disclaimer that Kanye placed at the beginning of the video:


See? Art. So let’s take a gander at the most artistic shots from Kanye’s new video.


What’s this? Oh, just Kanye holding the head of a woman he presumably decapitated/had sex with. Hang it in the Met, please.


Notice the subtlety in this shot. The nuance. Kanye could’ve chosen to put the dead body in the forefront of the shot, but chose to frame Mr. Ross as the focal point. This is greatly contrasted with the following, which allows for equal value to each, letting us decide:


And now the rest…


See you in art class, Mr. West!

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