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Colbert Urges Fans to Edit Wikipedia in Support of Palin

As I’m sure you know by now, Sarah Palin is awesome at history lessons. This in mind, Stephen Colbert took some time on Monday to talk about her mastery of the story of Paul Revere.

It was beautiful. And can be viewed below. In it, he notes that Palin's disciples took to Wikipedia to edit the entry for Paul Revere so it would reflect her inane statements. And since the fine folks at Wikipedia have locked the page, Colbert took it one step further, urging his fans to edit the Wiki page for “Bell” with the line “Used by Paul Revere to warn the British that hey, you're not going to succeed in taking our guns. USA! USA!”

They did. Here it is:

And here’s the video:

For the record, we’re very aware that part of the problem with Sarah Palin is the constant media attention she receives. That perhaps she would go away if we just ignored her. That’s fine. There’s no doubt we’re part of the problem. But the problem also happens to be very very funny. So let’s enjoy this terrible problem as much as we can.

If for some reason you live in a country other than Sarah Palin’s, and are unable to play Hulu videos, you can watch on Colbert’s site.

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