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Can’t Wait for the Movies: Super 8

The Can't Wait For The Movies guys take a crack at explaining the plot of Super 8, which may or may not be about a group of kids stumbling upon a life changing film.

Starring: Tom Arnold, Dave Ferguson, Eric Acosta, Wade Randolph, Cameron Kasal, Abigail Victor
Concept / Written by: Eric Acosta and Wade Randolph
Directed by: Danny Jelinek
Produced by: Betsy Koch
Production Coordinator: Liam White
Director of Photography: Mike Manasewitsch
Edited by: Danny Jelinek
Production Designer: Robin Brockway
Production Designer Asst: Erick Wilczynski
Sound: BoTown Sound
Hair/Makeup: Emily Rae
Wardrobe: Laurel Pochucha
1st AD: Tim Ketchersid
1st AC: Mike Karnell
Gaffer: Craig Pentak
G&E: Brenan Campbell
Production Assistant: Anthony Knasas, Andrew Grissam, Nick Appelbaum
Special Thanks to: Jason Whetzell

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