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Staying Positive with Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg has a brand new talk show where he sits down and talks to tween girls about boys, life issues, personal hygiene and much, much more.

Starring Scott Gairdner
Featuring Gabrielle Thomas, Kirsten Navoy, Kylie Shukur, Dayna Nicholas, Mira Kalmey, Kayla Gorenstein, & Darby Walker
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Directed by Danny Jelinek & Scott Gairdner
Produced by Christin Trogan
Written & Edited by Scott Gairdner
Director of Photography: Brian Lane
Sound: BoTown Sound
Production Design: Christin Trogan
The Crave IS Scott Gairdner, Brian Lane, & Charles Ingram
“Be True 2 U ‘ Produced by Gold Club
In loving memory of Brad Schulz

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