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The Match.Com Mama

Alison Chace brings you the comedic Rap, The Match.Com Mama! A song and dance spoof about online dating. With special cameo by Joan Rivers

Lyrics written by Alison Chace and Mary Crosbie
Concept, Directed and Produced by Alison Chace
Sound Composer and Music Edit by Justin Morris
Sung by Roy Bennett and Alison Chace
Edited by Jeff Reilly
Shot by Andrew Baxter and Tom Graney
Make-Up and Creative Force by Ajoshua
Special Guest Star (with many thanks!) Joan Rivers
Starring: Alison Chace, Roy Bennett, Mary Crosbie, Phillip Galinsky, Moe Rosen, Craig Wollman, Chris Griggs, Chad Ackerman, Ross Ramone, David Axell and BBoys from Brooklyn Khaos.

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