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If you like this series, you'll love this movie. It's the 4th one and they leave it open at the end for a 5th one. My fingers and toes are crossed that they do make another one!
I love that Johnny Depp parades around with make-up and walks around like a girl. That or he's stoned. He is so irreverent and funny. He always has an adventure and is making people mad because he gets away with murder. Sometimes literally. ‘ He does and says whatever he wants and then laughs. That's the best way to be. In this movie, he's looking for the fountain of life, but the Spaniards don't want him to find it.
Keith Richards plays Jack's father, speaking of make up! It seems like Keith is just playing himself. ‘ They probably put a pirate hat on him and said, “Say whatever you want, Keith!” I don't know if he can follow a script.
Penelope Cruz is just as good as the rest of them. If there is such a thing as a female pirate she is one. My sources (People Magazine and ET) tell me that she was four months pregnant when they shot this. She has big boobs anyway, so being pregnant probably made it hard to get her boobs into those outfits. They had to use her sister as a body double. She can swing a sword like nobody else. She gets into an amazing sword fight with Johnny Depp. It's better than the swashbucklers from Earl Flynn!
I loved it. It's make up, drugs, and drunks. I want to be in these movies. Or at least come back as a pirate.
5/5 stars

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