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There is a bachelor party that goes wrong and they have to get to a wedding. It's literally the same story as the first movie except in a different country. I could write one of these movies if that's all it is.
Ed Helms is the dentist and he is marrying a gorgeous Thai girl. Bradley “f” Cooper is a schmuck and his character turns so nasty in this one! He didn't have to say the “f” word so many times! Then they even said the “c” word which is too much for me. Zach Galifankus or ficus? He wasn't even invited originally. I don't want to give it away, but he causes a major fiasco and they can't remember what happened or where the bride's brother is. You know, the same stuff as the first one. Just play the first movie over again. It's better.
There were also a lot of boobies and penises in this one. I never saw so much frontal nudity. In certain parts, there were boobies and penises on the same person. I don't… It… Too much.
There is one funny part where they hit a slaughtered pig that's hanging up in the middle of a public shopping area because I guess you can buy whatever you want there.
The star of the movie to me was the monkey. He's the best part. These drug gangsters don't want to get caught with drugs so they make the monkey deliver them. Long story short, the monkey gets shot so the moral is – Never steal a drug monkey. I'm gonna make a tee-shirt that says that.
Oh, one BIG faux pas is that they go from LAX to Thailand and they take off in a 747 (a four engine aircraft) but then land in a two engine aircraft. BUSTED! There were four of us flight attendants there watching and we noticed. It was so obvious.
They keep saying “Bangkok has you” which I guess means you're stuck in all the drugs and sex and you can never get out of there. Too bad Bangkok didn't keep this movie.
Thumbs down.
Wait for the video on this one. The best part is the pictures at the end during the credits. If it was just those pictures, it would have been good. I suggest sneaking into the last few minutes while you're seeing another movie so you can just see that part.

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