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7 Animals Being Dicks

The internet is filled with animals. (Seriously. Open up your computer and you’ll find 30-40 cats in there, riding Roombas and wearing top hats.) They’re loved and celebrated for the cuteness, but the truth is, some of them are huge dicks. And now there’s a website, aptly titled Animals Being Dicks, collecting proof of this. In GIF form no less.

We chose a few, but make sure you back and scroll through the whole site. So many dicks that need to be exposed. (That last sentence definitely read how I intended it to be read.)

1. A Dick Dropping a TV on Someone's Head

2. A Dick Pulling a Girl's Hair

3. From Out of Nowhere… A Dick

4. A Dick Knocking Over a Child

5. A Dick Pulling the Oldest Trick in the Book

6. A Dickish Dolphin

7. A Dick Who Thought He Could Get Away With It

More Dicks!

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