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Funny or Die’s Link Dump: Comedians Celebrate Gay Marriage, Ugly Dogs, and More

biden_link.jpgOh great, it’s Monday. Thank God. We LOVE Monday. We pretty much spend all of Sunday waiting for Monday to come around because we love it so much and it’s the best day of the week. Our favorite part about is Monday is that we get to work, usually based on a schedule not of our choosing. Hooooray!

Mondays are also link days on Funny or Die. And we can all click on these to distract us from the rest of our lives.

Comedians celebrating the Gay Marriage Bill – HuffPost Comedy

Why you should ALWAYS log out of Facebook – SomeeCards

Joe Biden shoving ice cream and sandwiches into his mouth – Uproxx

Mac from It’s Always Sunny gained 50 pounds for next season – Splitsider

If Pixar made: X-Men

If Pixar made: other famous movie cars

World’s ugliest dog is, in fact, the ugliest


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