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4th of July Message From Hipster Shore

An uber-exclusive Public Service Announcement from the cast of Hipster Shore on the dangers of having one too many microbrews this 4th of July.

Directed by Jason Farrand
Written by Melissa Hunter
Starring: Heidi Gardner, Eric Lombart, Kirstin Keagy, Whitney Kieser, Melissa Hunter, Brad Gage and Jake Essoe
With Barak Hardley and Megan Rosati
Produced by Whitney Kieser, Brad Gage, and Melissa Hunter
DP ‘ Danny Grunes
Editor ‘ Tony Gentile
Sound ‘ Jeremy Davis
Special Thanks to Dan Crane & Kate Gray, Michael Rousselet, Megan & Mara Farrand, Drew Spears, Brittany Sweatt, Matt Saladino, Dan Pfau, Joanna James, Vincent Reynaud, Carly Rhodes and Lennie Marvin Prop Heaven

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