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Solid Summer Tips

Check out a big-budget summer blockbuster at your local mall. If high ticket prices aren't up your alley, just people-watch in the food court. Maybe you'll witness random strangers arguing about what store to go to next, something much more entertaining than any movie.

Summer is an ideal time to explore shops you've never been to. There are a ton of unique, quaint little places all over the country; for example, a little-known secret that serves coffee, pastries and sandwiches that ‘the locals call “Starbucks. ‘? ‘ Good thing small business is alive and well!

If you spend a magical day hiking a lush mountain range, make sure to post a ton of pictures on your Facebook of it. Then, enjoy it when all of your friends stuck in a stuffy offices seethe with jealousy.

By the time summer rolls around, local ski resorts are all obviously lacking snow- but don't let that stop you from skiing. Visit the slopes and make sure to bring a couple of buckets of ice. You might only get to ski for a few feet before it all melts, but it's better than not skiing at all. ‘

If there's one thing you should be wary about a summer, it's the mosquitoes. If there's two things, it's the mosquitoes, and… more mosquitoes.

Skinny dipping at water parks is not only tons of fun, but encouraged!… Wait, it's either that or strongly discouraged. Well, you won't find out if you don't try…

Summer is a great time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping. Head to Wal*Mart in late August and take your spot in line in order to be one of the first to take advantage of all of the Black Friday shopping deals come November.

If you have to choose between taking a moonlit yacht ride along the Pacific Coast, or watching a Real Housewives Of New Jersey marathon, it's obvious you should choose the ride on the yacht; though ONLY if it has a TV.

Another popular summer pastime is to go antiquing. You can also hold a yard sale full of all the stuff you bought while antiquing previous summers.

It's easiest to make small talk in the summer. Phrases like “Boy, it's out hot here!”, “Can it get any hotter?”, and “It hot enough for ya?” are all great ways to avoid actual conversation.

Can ‘??t afford to take a leisurely drive due to skyrocketing gas prices? A great alternative is to just type in a route on Google Earth and enjoy the passing scenery from the comfort of your own computer. Besides saving money on gas, another perk is that you can legally be on your cell phone at the same time.

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