By: Michael Lake

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My “COMMUNITY” episode


By Michael Lake

^^^ Above is the link to my SCRIBD document of the script. SCRIBD is a script-sharing website, and a very highly recommended one at that.

Here’s my episode of “Community”. It’s Halloween, and jealousy of one another’s costumes causes members of the study group to try and perform inceptions upon each other. Give it a read.

A few things: No copyright infringement is intended, I just wanted to write an episode of a very funny show. I do realize that a team of writers collaborates on an episode of a network sitcom to insert all their different character arcs and storylines. I’ve made a few artistic liberties with some storylines, you, as a “Community” fan, don’t necessarily have to view my script as “canon”.

That being said. I really hope someone who matters reads this.
Like you. You matter. To me.

I appreciate the reads! I hope you have fun doing so! Spread the word!

– Mike

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