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12 Ways to Tell If Your Friend Wants to Become a Friend With Benefits

So you plan to have sex with your friend. Fair enough. They exist, may happen to be sitting next to you, and most importantly, nothing can go wrong with that plan. Right? Righhhhhhhht? Sure sure. Except that any wrong move could damage the friendship forever, and more importantly lead to there being one less person on the earth willing to have sex with you, and real talk, that list is getting shorter by the day.

Basically, if you’re gonna make a move on a friend, you’ve got to be positive they’re on the same page. So how can you tell? We asked our Facebook fans what they thought and here’s what they came back with. So without further ado, here are 12 indications that your friend is interested in becoming a friend with benefits:

  • They have sex with you -Matt Ezyk
  • He asks your opinion about his 401K -Scott DeYager
  • Starts poking you on facebook -Lewys Gambo
  • Usually when they keep offering to give your condoms a “test run” -William Burrows
  • When he puts his penis on your forehead and says “think about it” -Rachael L Spindel-Acosta
  • She shows up to my door delivering a pizza and suggests options for the tip. -Dave McGinley
  • Two foot taps under the stall door -Scott DeYager
  • They send Congressional Sext Messages. -John Livingston
  • They show up with a 12 pack and a bottle of lube -Brian Smith
  • They add you to their healthcare plan. -Ryan Orzech
  • When she asks you if her panties smell like Chloroform. -Zach Mills
  • She makes you promise NOT to respect her afterward. -Nicholas Krall

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