By: Tori Spelling

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Hoarders: Untold sTori

Just because someone is a celebrity doesn't mean they don't hoard like the rest of us. Check out the sad and shocking story of celebrity hoarder Tori Spelling.

Starring: Tori Spelling, Sally Kirkland, Dean McDermott, Liam McDermott, Stella McDermott, Mehran Farhat, Scout Masterson, Bill Horn, and Patsy Lemmers
Executive Producer: Tori Spelling
Writer/Director/Producer: Mario Panagiotopoulos
AD/Editor: Andy Holton
AD/Writer: Don Black
Camera: Ryan Rude, Jamie Hall
Assistant Camera: Jess Fairless
Grip: Zebulon Medearis
Audio: Dennis Hamlin, Jade Howard
Music Score: Dennis Hamlin
Talent Coordinator: Jessica Tohir
Make-up: Brandy Sharp
Casting Director: Scout Masterson

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