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The 5 Funniest Videos from the Stars of “30 Minutes or Less”

Aziz Ansari – Raaaaaaaandy

After having maybe four lines in Funny People, it's crazy to think is that Aziz's Raaaaaaaandy may be the most memorable character of the movie. Then again, have you seen the Raaaaaaaandy videos? Seriously. Have you? If yes, congrats, now watch it again. If not, we're actually very jealous that this is your virgin viewing. ‘

That porn idea is just a very good idea. ‘

Danny McBride – Drunk History

Full disclosure: this post may or may not have been just an excuse to put up an old ‘??Drunk History. ‘? ‘ Nothing wrong with that. In fact, there's a whole lot right with that. Please enjoy Danny McBride playing the father of our country in what we swear is a completely accurate, normal retelling of the saga of Oney Judge. ‘

Jesse Eisenberg – Staying Positive

What's really special about Jesse Eisenberg is that he not only has the acting chops to portray Mark Zuckerberg and receive an Oscar nod, but he has the heart to sit down with groups of tweens. Someone has make sure they stay positive about boys and personal hygiene. And that someone is Jesse Eisenberg.

Nick Swardson ‘?? Lady Gaga ‘??s Brother: Garry Gaga

“You broke my f–king swan.” That is all. ‘

Aziz Ansari – Swagger Coach

We were really tempted to post another Raaaaaaaandy video, but this way we could also sneak in a video with Zach Galifianakis, star of videos like “The Funniest Web Series Forever and Ever.” So here’s Aziz as his swagger coach.

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