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8 Reasons We’re STILL Watching Entourage

Free Vince

Um did The Beatles get out of rehab? Not since David Duchovony ‘??s release from sex rehab have we seen such dedication for an actor from his fans, and rightfully so: As Roger Ebert once said, ‘??Aquaman essentially did for cinema what Sergeant Pepper did for music. ‘? ‘ Just as importantly, Doug Ellin once said, ‘??A tit flash as the Escalade pulls away is a must. ‘? ‘ ‘

Burning Down the House

And we ‘??re back with a blaze of glorE. Could that episode have been any hotter? If I may- Turtle ‘??s joint served as a representation of the small flame the show lit in our hearts merely seven years ago. This spark of passion has since grown into an inferno of passion, burning brightly in our souls and mansion living rooms alike. ‘


Woof. Finally, Arnold getting the respect he deserves. Not only was he featured in the opening shot, he is sniffing out all the weed in the house for Vince ‘??s safety plus alerting partygoers of the aforementioned fire. Triple threat much? ‘

Bus Full of Hot Sober Girls

The writers are on fire (callback). They must have thought of about thirty names for those girls fresh off the hot/ sober girl bus. ‘??Madonna, ‘? ‘ ‘??Beth? ‘? ‘ God damnit! The attention to detail is remarkable. Also remarkable: how thirty beautiful women strolled off a bus, just like in real life. Don ‘??t act like you didn ‘??t remark when that train of women kept coming.

Vince ‘??s Haircut

Can we talk about the stellar performance of Vince ‘? ‘. ‘??s haircut? I ‘??ll start. Sort of a cross between a receptionist named, ‘??Margaret, ‘? ‘ and a lesbian. And also Margaret is a lesbian. ‘

Never Forget

‘??A Chilean miner AND Jersey Shore reference? ‘When was this episode written (pause) late 2010 early 2011? ‘? ‘ That ‘??s my impression of you guys, and you ‘??re wrong. This is Doug Ellin saying; keep these events in your heart, always. ‘??Winning ‘? ‘ is something people write on signs every day and coconut water is not just a fad. In a few years, all water will be coconut water. ‘

Ari ‘??s Blouse

And the Emmy for acting like a totally normal men ‘??s work shirt goes to Ari ‘??s lavender top. ‘

Wet Scott American Summer

Yes, it ‘??s sad that Sloan and E are no longer an item, but as they say in the industry, ‘??There ‘??s no such thing as a free lunch. ‘? ‘ Enter Scott- his golden mane shimmering, highlights fresh from another Los Angeles summer. These two hate each other so much that they actually love each other. And now they ‘??re partners at their own agency? Steamy. Just remember guys; careful when dipping the company ink in each other ‘??s buttholes.

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