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The American People Are Not Responsible For The Debt Crisis

As the debt deadline looms, there is no better time than now to analyze our nation’s policies in regard to the economy. There’s no debating that we spend more than we take in, so that’s not issue. The issue is why? How did we, the American people, get to this point?

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We may never know. And since the habits of our nation are not to blame, let’s take a look at how we resolve this without further damaging the economy.

Politicians have spent the last few weeks pointing fingers, storming out of meetings, and generally shooting down all rational solutions to the nation’s debt crisis. This is not what we elected our officials to do. They were elected to represent us. To represent our priorities — fixing the nation by putting others in front of ourselves.

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Listen, it’s not fair that the government holds us hostage while they engage in Congressional pissing contests. We’re better than that. The American people will stand together, share the wealth, and redeem this nation. It’s not about who can afford what. It’s about solidarity and relating to one another on a human level.

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So politicians, I urge you to put aside the petty bullshit. To come together. If it means spending cuts, so be it. We can find things to cut.

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If it means ending the Bush tax cuts, that’s cool, too. It’s not like the nation’s rich are using that money in a superfluous manner.


Nope. Not at all.


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