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Funny or Die’s Link Dump: Anchorman’s Casting, Larry David’s Anti-Semitic Sex, and More!

We did it guys! The heat wave is over! Granted it’ll be back later this week which is totally cool because nobody actually wants to enjoy their summer anyway but until then, let’s soak in this cool 85 degree paradise! And while doing all that, let’s check out these links!

(Please ignore the above paragraph if you live in L.A. Continue living your peaceful life that is never interrupted by global warming. I mean, click the links and all. But ignore the part about the heatwave. Enjoy your steady-stream of 72 degree weather/brunch. )

  • The Lost Roles of AnchormanSplitsider
  • The Most Ironic Book and Magazine Displays – Happy Place
  • The Most Unnecessary Instructions Ever – HuffPost Comedy
  • Here’s that barfing cup you asked for – The Daily What
  • Here’s that recap of Entourage you asked for – Videogum
  • Here’s that scene of Larry David having anti-Semitic sex you asked for – Warming Glow


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