By: Brandon Routh

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The Last Pizza Commercial

Will Domino's stop their relentless campaign to get the entire world to try every last thing on their menu? Probably not. Will Marc Thomas (Brandon Routh), the last person on earth to try Domino's pizza, wish that he'd just taken a bite of their goddamn pizza? The answer is: yes.

Starring Brandon Routh, Carla Gallo, Amanda Lund, Rob O'Reilly, Barry Rothbart, and Ryan Stone Stanger
Written by Rob O'Reilly
Directed by Chris McKay
Produced by Ally Hord/Betsy Koch
1st AD – David Chapman
2nd AD – JB
PAs – Kerry Carter, Will Young, Eric Norwine
Choreographer – Benjamin Wolf
DP – Adam Santelli
AC – Ray Lee
Sound – Bo Town
Key Grip – Jenny Denton
Best Boy Grip – Drew Johnson
Gaffer – Robert Grower
Art – Caity Birmingham
M/U – Emily Welton
Wardrobe – Laurel Pochucha

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