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7 Reasons We’re STILL Watching Entourage

Lights, Camera ‘? ‘.and we ‘??re STROLLING

Lot of great walking shots in this episode, which were very relatable to me as a person who also walks places on occasion. The rounding the corner shots (or ‘??RTCS ‘? ‘ as they say in the biz) really brought it home for me. Great to know they do their own stunts. ‘

Coke is IT

Remember when Vince did coke? Neither does he. ‘He was like, ‘??Um why is this guy telling me about his uncle doing meth? Not like I just got out of rehab for snorting copious amounts of drug and can we talk about my hair? ‘?? ‘

A Burst of Vinceperation

You know who writes ‘??amazing ‘? ‘ screenplays in one night? Cokeheads. ‘

Tattoo Mama Tambien

E has a tattoo. This is the kind of final season character development that we ‘??ve waited 8 years for. I knew Doug Ellin had bombs to drop in the last season but this is almost too much. This onion ‘??s got layErs. ‘

Ginger Spice

I am genuinely concerned about the unnecessary targeting of Bobby Flay at this point but would love to see a Throwdown in which Bobby and Ari compete to see who can fuck Ari ‘??s wife better. ‘


Ari ‘??s loyal assistant is back and acting his butt off! As happy as I was to see my favorite person on earth, I was also saddened- I thought he might have broke free of the 9-5 grind to pursue his real passion: archery in the nude.

They ‘??re Plugs for Men

We all need to get a grip and accept this is the final season ‘? ‘the writers clearly have. Couldn ‘??t hurt to plug Mad Men and Modern Family, two Emmy award winning TV shows who might be looking for new writers? If there ‘??s one thing Mad Men lacks it ‘??s def the use of the word, ‘??bro, ‘? ‘ bro. ‘

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