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The 6 Board-Game Movies Hollywood Is Planning Next


For Mr. Monopoly Jr, the perks come fast and they come easy. Women, houses, cars ‘?? you name it and he's bought it. But that's just life when your father owns the entire city and every property on it. But when Mr. Monopoly Sr signs a deal that would put the city's less fortunate in direct danger, a feisty young journalist convinces his son that there's more to life than money.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Power, money, revenge ‘?? humans all hunger for something. But in the animal kingdom there is only one hunger: that for survival. Join BBC and Morgan Freeman as we take you up close and personal with one of the biggest gluttons on the planet in Hungry, Hungry Hippos.


It seems like the perfect ending for the perfect family when they move into a sleepy Colorado neighborhood. But when the two young children discover a mysterious board in an upstairs cupboard, they unwittingly give voice to horrors they never could've imagined. Can they figure out a way to quiet the spirits once and for all, or will it be ‘??Goodbye ‘? ‘?


When your family is more prolific than the Kennedys' and more secretive than the Knights Templar, reunions can be a tedious affair. Especially when the mysterious, estranged patriarch is discovered dead before dinner can be served. Now in two days the Von Clu family must try to find a killer without murdering each other first. (Will be a quirky reboot of the storied Clue franchise)


It's a tale of sweet gone sour when Lord Licorice descends upon Candyland. Slick as syrup and vicious as a viper, he concocts a plan to take control over the Kingdom and the inhabitants ‘?? starting with its King and Queen. But what he doesn't know is hidden in the Gumdrop Mountains is the true heir to the throne: a princess hidden away by her mother long ago. Now on the eve of her sixteenth birthday Princess Lolly is discovered by the evil Lord, and she embarks on a journey (along with a few faithful friends) to win back her home.

Stretch Armstrong

Growing up as a kid, Stretch always knew he was…different. Even before his adoptive parents revealed to him he had been a stem cell and rubber band experiment gone awry, Stretch understood he was not like other children. Maybe that's why, as an adult, he's had a string of girlfriends but could never really find the one. Until he meets Liza ‘?? a sexy scientist who just wants to understand him. But is it his soul she wants to search, or his molecular structure?

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